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Parallel Lines

Summer of 2023!

Volumes of Me... a Real-talk PODCAST!

Like a Bridge Over Troubled water... 

 This is an inspirational Podcast... its where people from all walks of life come together

to laugh, to cry, and to compare thoughts or the epiphanies of their journey.

 Here is where the unspoken is heard

Hello! I’m Tara & I will be your podcast host.

 I pronounce my name, Tar-rah.
I’ve recently learned that Tara is the symbol for 'Star', as in a light to the soul. I’m here to create a space to accommodate that & to allow others to be apart of of the process, as we uphold one another. 

with that said...

these podcasts will be about the one thing that no one can ever take away from you… your journey!
So, join in as stories are told & lessons are learned... because as we all know, 
the struggle is real & sometimes we just need a be able to connect to heal.

This platform is designed to be teachable moments in time

& Here is where you can learn & grow & let go, and then pay it forward. as far as I'm concerned, ” life is about tapping into the Ultimate TRUTH & leveraging its power in your life.”


“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear… So, Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”

*up-and-coming topics*

~From the Ego to the Avatar... a Mans perspective.

~Waging war & Relinquishing the Fight... from a Boy to a Man.

~A Fatherless Daughters Journey through Divorce.

~The Aim of the Argument... Progress or Victory?

~Dakari speaks... A Mothers Cry.

~The 23rd Psalm, beyond the obituary.

~Signatures of Abused Women.

~The Mother Daughter Chronicles. 

~Levels of Rape. 

~Stains of Mental Illness.

~Absent parents & toxic family dynamics.

~Me vs Me & Cognitive Dissonance.

~Health & Wellness.

~A Spiritual Lifestyle. 

Feel free to contact me about topics that you would like discussed on this podcast! 

(Identified or anonymous)

 Text 631-965-6652  

 Or email below 

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