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A Poem by Yours Truly...

All my life I've watched people settle for less... embracing disrespect like it was all they had left. I've seen weariness at its best, drowning sorrows till near death. I've watched people forsake a love they've never known- just to learn to be happy alone. I've seen folks' function with agendas and die believing lies. And like many, I was born with intentions that I know all too well, according to Psalms 51:5, a sinful nature from the start- where trouble stands its ground, and love & hate abound- as they are perceived from the depths of youthful sounds- tainted and ill-advised as to where the problem really lies- is now where I must learn to speak volumes of me & thrive! Listen... honesty can't be the best policy- when the truth is deflected. It's the survival of the fittest for me... and "just like the hopes springing high... still I'll rise."

by Tara S Braunskill

This is Ministry at Work because~


Have you measured the resilience of anger & pride... or considered the illusion of fear & the impartiality of suffering?

I believe that sorrow & pain exists because dysfunction thrives on earth and is self-sustaining. Like it or not, we are all subjected to it, and our mental health is what dictates its level of authority in our lives. Still mercy prevails, and at some point, we all come face to face with what I call... The Algorithm of Divine Intervention, where one will be accountable to change in spite of fault or blame, yet many will remain the same in the name of self-preservation.

The purpose of Me operating in this realm is to help people to embrace their truth & to transition through their change. When all is said and done... your strength & your power resides in your submission, and your future relies on your ability to embrace the only moment you actually have, which is now!

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 I come to find out the hard way that the only thing pain & anger   & weariness & frustration & aggravation & brokenness & lack of  peace or feelings of betrayal should 'EVER' bring about or  manifest is... MINISTRY!
Close the gap between where you are & where you want to be by telling yourself at this moment...
I speak from a place of  restoration &  healing,  
I stand on the 
principles of wisdom & truth. 
I embrace
the power of change
 & I 
trust the process!

Your Daily Affirmation


"The only insurance we have is to know how to keep yourself well on all levels no matter what life throws at you... if one has to aspire for deeper dimensions of life or for transcendence, it is very important for body, mind, emotion, and energy to be well... WITHOUT this sense of well-being, your entire life will be about making arrangements for your insecurities." Sadhguru


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"It don't matter whose fault it is that something is broken if it's your responsibility to fix it...  fault & responsibility don't go together... it sucks- but they don't... your heart~ your life~ your happiness is your responsibility." 

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"Your body, your emotions, and your fundamental life energies are all organized by a well-established mind.

*My~Bio*The symbol for Tara is a star which represents the light of the soul...


 For me... living is about tapping into the ultimate truth & leveraging its power in your life. 

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My name is Tara Sheree Braunskill. I consider myself to be a Mindset Mentor & a Spiritual Coach. am a Certified Life Coach, a Licensed Nurse, a Holistic Nutritionist, and a Paramedic in training, who happens to be certified in basic biblical Hebrew. Although I didn't always try, I love to learn new things.  I suppose one could say that I've become a vessel of inspiration because I thrive by overcoming my plights & I love to extend that part of me. 

At the age of 14 I was easily influenced by a man much older than me, and within that abusive entanglement I had 2 children, one at age 18 & one when I was 22. I was eventually able to shake myself loose! I became a thriving single mom, who in time got married & had two more children, one in my 30's & one in my 40's.

As for my childhood, I grew up in East Hampton, New York, a small town on Long Island, on the liveliest block in the most traditional yet dysfunctional sense. For example, my street consisted of mostly family & close friends, I had my own swing, my parents had a garden, my mother made sure I learned to swim. I was a Brownie & a Girl Scout.  I rode bikes, roller skated, double-dutched, played softball & kickball, but I also witnessed the crack epidemic & raids. I saw my great uncle lay dead with a gunshot wound to the head right across the street. Still for me... my home was a safe and happy place right until the day that my very protective father made the decision to leave... I didn't handle that well. In time I rebelled & did everything he taught me not to do as a plea for his return. My mother continued to do her best & we had everything we needed, but I watched my mother fight to be alright, and I battled my plight from a little girl's perspective. I took on unworthiness & sadness & anger & insecurity without even knowing; I embodied brokenness unaware. Nowadays, I spend most of my time learning what it takes to right my wrongs & the germs that were spread along the way. I'm diligent when it comes to understanding how to be mentally free for me & my family, and within this frame of mind is where I find the time to establish a way to help others do the same. Here, you have the opportunity to share your journey & "Speak Volumes" into someone else's life.

 I bid you well...

 Yasher Koah! 

(May your strength be firm)


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